Physics Time Managing Techniques and plan to Score 140 +  in NEET 2023

Physics Time Managing Techniques and plan to Score 140 +  in NEET 2023

Physics is a nightmare for almost all the NEET aspirants. Whether it is a bright student or an average student, irrespective of the efforts that they put in, everyone undoubtedly finds physics as the most toughest and challenging subject to learn and have a grasp over the same. However, an exceptional score in physics is impeccable to grasp a promising score and ranking in the entrance examination thereby resulting in a medical seat. In this blog, we will walk you through a series of steps that you can follow to manage the time effectively and  score exceptionally well in the examination.

As the very famous quote says, "Time and Tide Waits for None". Only those who have a clear vision and tactics to manage the time effectively can achieve greater success in their lives Whether it is the practise time or even at the exam hall, completing the targets at the strike of schedules is a challenging task for aspirants, and of course, mastering the same results in a huge difference in their ranking too. Here are some scientific and proven methodologies that we urge our students to follow that results in a remarkable achievements in their ends.

For the sake of simplicity and better understanding, I am dividing the blog into two halves, methodologies to be followed during practice time and that in the examination.

Methodologies for Time management during Practice sessions

Everyone should understand that the performance of a pupil in an examination is to a greater extent a reflection of their discipline and ethical works in the practise session. Whether it is a classroom practise or a self study, there are some stringent practises one should keep by themselves to achieve an excellent result in the NEET. The most important of them being:


The general tendency of students while they are preparing is to skip the physics sums or keeping it to the last. This habit is highly dangerous as it will increase your fear towards physics sums. Practicing a certain number of questions daily keeping a regular track of the same shall result in better results.

2. Every Drop Counts....

Every type of sums, irrespective of their complexities is very important during your preparation and it  is highly important that you revise all types of sums in a particular chapter with atmost sincerity. Keep a daily practise target, including a particular amount of questions which will boost your score effectively.

3. Better Late than Never...

Everytime we see a lot of students getting depressed stating they missed the fundamentals earlier and now they are lagging. Even studnets those who are repeating also says this. Please keep in mind that every mnute is a new beginning . If you were lagging till now, you have this very second left in your hand that will still help you to learn the topics you missed. Follow the guidance of your faculties blindly and with a regular and systematic approach, you will definitely succeed. Make your first step now.. Everything else will come in flow.

4. Concept is the Key

It is obvious that when learning a methodology for solving a sum of particular tye, students try to memorize the formula and blindly apply it. Many a times, we see students rushing to apply formula blindly looking at he variables given. This practice will result in negatives as most of the questions are not formula based, rather concept oriented. Mastering the concepts, understanding the instance and situations of the given questions and a greater imagination is the key to score an excellent score in the examination. Please remember, imagination is more important than knowledge, and that only will help in reducing the difficulty of the question.


Keep in mind that the examination is to test your aptitude, analytical and critical thinking skills rather than your memory power.

5. Be your own Motivator.

Nothing else in the world makes a diamond shine, but its on texture, and nothing in this world can destroy iron, but its own rust can. You are the best motivator you could find in this world for you. Rather than expecting an external motivation, try to find your your gut instinct that continuously provoke you aim high and constantly make you suffocated to achieve your ambitions. When you are clear with your vision, nothing can stop you from achieving it, and any difficulty will become an achievable goal, same goes learning physics too. Remember, if your reasons are more valuable than your excuses, nothing will make you tired and annoyed.


It is okay to make mistakes, but be specific in your goal and go firmly until you discover your true potential.

Methodologies for Time management during Examinations

During examinations keep these strategies for a better time management


1. Split your targets

The maximum time that one should be taking to solve physics questions is a minute for a question. Keeping the practicality in mind, this is not really feasible at times. So instead of focusing on solving a question within minutes, try to achieve small targets like, how many questions you are able to solve in small durations liek 15 minutes, 20 minutes etc. This will keep you motivated.


2. Prioritize your timings

It is imperative that you have to give equal importance to all the subjects, however you have that absolute freedom to devote time effectively for various subjects. Save the time by attending the straight questions in biology faster and utilize those timings here in physics. It is okay that you take more than one minute to solve a questions, but  try to prioritize the questions you choose. Avoid choosing lengthy or time consuming sums while practise  and even exams.


3. Master the concepts and practise similar sums

It is always not about how much you learned, its all about how effectivey you learned. So utilise your time properly to understand the concepts clearly before starting to attend the test. Duing examinations, devote time to properly understand the question. Dont rush into conclusions, have a discussion with your consciousness and commonsense, before coming into a conclusions. Sometimes they may have a better solution too.


4. 30 seconds is crucial

The  first 30 seconds while you encounter a new sum is highly important as this is the time where you have to clearly understand the question and start solving. Within the very first 30 seconds itself student should find a possible way towards the solution. So instead of finding out the topic, formulas or other irrelavant data required for solving the question, try to visualize the problem in your mind and relate it with the concepts you learned so far. For this, keep your mind calm and clear. Believe in yourself. Yes you can do it.

5. Its only that worthy.....


Entrance examinations are not to pressurize you rather to find out the best and alert brains. So, the complexity of the questions are also not too high. Please keep in mind that a question is to be answered in less than a minute means, its solution is only that worthy, or it is highly possible for you to do it. Only thing required is to find out the most efficient way towards to the solution. There is no right or wrong approach, but only the best approach. So keep believing in yourself and be relaxed. If its tough for you, its tough for everyone. Why should you worry when you have the key to success? Stay focused and hit your target.. Thats it ..