NEET IIT - JEE Entrance Courses Teaching Methodologies

Venper’s Teaching Methodologies are pre-defined with 100% Result oriented Content Delivery & Assessment Plan.

  • Lecture sessions are of 120 minute duration in an acoustic Wi-Fi enabled audio visual air-conditioned classroom.
  • Lecture sessions are predefined with Foundation Concept building, Previous Year Question (PYQ) based concept discussion & Problem solving interactive session.
  • The total duration of all Courses are designed with stipulated hours of classroom teaching, assessment and doubt Clearing Sessions.
  • The entire Syllabus is broken down based on Mark Weightage Analysis. The topics are sequentially ordered giving importance for easy understanding of concepts.
  • In addition to Subject Faculty experts, Topic experts are assigned for the best effective delivery.

Assessments, Worksheets & Performance Tracker:

  • Mock Tests are conducted on a weekly basis over the topics covered. The difficulty level of the Mock tests is set in such a way maintaining the students’ interest level. The weekly tests are set primarily with concepts revolving in the PYQ area.
  • Cumulative Unit wise assessments are set with a higher difficulty level based on the most probable questions.
  • The results of the tests are published within 24hrs to motivate & keep them in track for the upcoming test.
  • Single Click Performance tracker for students and parents to assess their areas of strengths & weakness.
  • Our Learning Management System with individual login ID assigned to our students has provisions to practice MCQ’s on a daily basis, watch video lectures and to download Notes and Worksheets. This platform sharpens the competitive edge of students of Venper Community over the rest.
  • We provide extensive library support with required reference materials and adequate volumes of question bank.
  • We maintain a friendly atmosphere among students and faculties to break the gap & hesitation to approach & clarify their doubts thus cultivating an interest in Academics. We keep the Motivation level of the students always high to deliver optimum results.

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