Neet Repeater Course Coaching

First Time in Tamilnadu Similar to Kota
Exclusive Residential NEET & JEE Coaching

Exclusive Campus for Repeater Residential students with Spacious Clasrooms, Hostel & Canteen Facilities under Expert Guidance !!

Home away from home

Homes are little slices of heaven. Yet, they can also be places of distraction. Hate the sound of music blaring while you try to memorize complex medical terminology? Our residential coaching centers are home away from home, minus the noise and distractions. Highly experienced faculty, spacious classrooms, nutritious and hygienically prepared food are just a few reasons to opt for our residential training programme.

Set in the calm and idyllic Mangadu, our residential training center is the ideal place to focus, learn and excel.

Have you taken a year off to prepare for NEET?

No sweat. We’ll ensure that you stay focused and prepare diligently during your year off and don’t waste a single day.

Here’s our 3 step plan to ensure top scores for our students:

Medical entrance exams are gruelling. That’s why we’ve developed a 3 pronged strategy to enable young minds to learn without feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or pressurized.

Knowledge enhancing sessions

Students are thoroughly trained on the basics. Interactive and intensive training sessions are held so there’s improved conceptual clarity and strong knowledge of fundamentals. Faculty highly experienced in training students for NEET exams and subject matter experts in physics, chemistry and biology are on board to construct the perfect ramp for thousands of medical careers to take off.

Memory enhancing sessions

It can happen to the best of us. “God, I know the answer to that question, why did I leave it out?!”. Blame it on jittery nerves that medical entrance exams can bring about. To strengthen the memory muscles of students lessons taught are again reinforced and emphasized to flex those memory muscles!

Speed enhancing sessions

Special sessions are held to help students solve MCQs within 50 seconds. This speed and clarity helps them attend all questions and increase their chances of becoming NEET toppers.

Key Highlights

  • High Degree Discipline
  • Prescheduled & Predefined Result oriented Teaching methods
  • Exhaustive Practice & Extensive doubt clearing sessions
  • Focused & Study Friendly environment
  • 24/7 Faculty & Academic support
  • Access to over 30,000 plus MCQ bank, online Test series & Video Classes
  • Periodic Performance Analysis & Motivational sessions by Experienced Student Psychologists
  • Transparent Performance Tracking support to Parents at a click away
  • Safe & Secure Hostel environment with round the clock warden, study mentors & security with Homely & Healthy Food

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